Thursday, March 5, 2009

Foie Gras Week 2009

invites you to

March 13th - 19th, 2009

$5.00 Foie Gras Special Plates

Foie Gras will be presented in all its wonderful varied forms by the esteemed chefs at the following restaurants:

London Grill
Positano Coast
Caribou Cafe
Zinc Bistro
Bistrot la Minette
Bar Ferdinand
and more...

Enter to win a FREE DINNER by submitting your votes for "Best Foie Gras Dish"

Prize will be awarded by the Restaurant-Voted-Best to the individual with most vote submissions


  1. Are these all-day specials?

  2. Thanks for your inquiry, Jill! It seems to have generated a YES-NO answer.
    A definite YES for those restaurants that are only open for dinner service.
    And perhaps a NO as some restaurants offer select menus (i.e. brunch), so it is up to the Chef's discretion.
    If I may, I recommend to mention your interest in the Foie Gras Week program as you make your reservation. Or feel free to give your favorite restaurant a call to get more details on their offerings!

  3. you people are fucking disgusting.

  4. THIS IS DISGUSTING. This is a just publicity stunt by foie gras producers who provided free product to restaurants in opposition to a ban that has been proposed in the Philadelphia City Council by the Humane League of Philadelphia. Foie gras is cruel and unnecessary.

  5. Foie gras, French for "fatty liver," is made from the grotesquely enlarged livers of male ducks and geese. Enjoy the $5 diseased liver.

  6. The birds will be force-fed and slaughtered in front of us to insure freshness correct?

  7. What is foie gras?




    or do you have one??? if you continue to support and eat this so called "delicacy" guess is you don't...may you rot in hell!

  9. Can't wait! How will we vote? On this blog, in the restaurant, or what?

  10. I am very excited to be in Philadelphia on the 19th! I have a question for the organizers. How many other cities have done a "Foie Gras Week" and how can I get an event like this started in Washington DC?

  11. Are you kidding me? Are you guys living in the dark ages? fois gras is disgusting, made by stuffing tubes down a birds throat and force feeding it till it's liver almost explodes, killing the bird. and you guys are promoting a product that nobody buys if they know what it's about. wow.

  12. We do encourage all consumers and non-consumers of foie gras to do proper research before making their accusations. We would also like to ask to refrain from the use of profanities as they do not portray your good-natured characters very well. Thank you for visiting our site!

  13. For the DC visitor that will be here on the 19th:
    Please visit us at ZoT for more organizing information. Dr. Barthoff and Rick Bishop of Hudson Valley Farms will be touring the participating restaurants on that same day to answer any of your questions.
    Thank you for your interest!

  14. Please join the rest of us in the 21st century and stop serving foie gras! This has no place in the civilized world! These beautiful animals are tortured, mutilated, and force fed until they either die or are brutally murdered. I am SHOCKED that you still promote this holocaust cuisine!

  15. Foie Gras is CRUEL TO ANIMALS! It is the product of immense SUFFERING & TORTURE! They force feed the ducks unnatural amounts of food through a metal pipe and within a few weeks they extremely overweight and then they kill them. Foie gras means "fatty liver" in French, because the duck's liver swells up so much. Throuout their ives they are kept in tiny cages in dark sheds on factory farms. They never get to go outside.

    Foie gras is CULINARY CRUELTY!

  16. Chefs for Choice:

    In the interest of hearing your side of the story could you enlighten us as to how foie gras is made? How exactly do you get the birds to produce enough fat in their liver? How do their livers differ from a standard bird not used in foie gras production? Would you provide any of your patrons a tour through the facilities where the foie gras birds are reared?
    Being that there is such a strong controversy over the animals being force fed against their will, can you ease the worries of those who are hesitant to support what may be very cruel practice? Here's your chance to defend the use of foie gras from your point of view. I'm all ears.

  17. Maybe if you found a more productive use of your time than fighting for the rights of birds, you could afford to develop an appreciation for fine cuisine. Wake up, humans are the top of the food chain due to natural selection, which is why we can treat lesser animals however we want in order to make them the most tasty.

    -Posting as anonymous so the domestic terrorist organization (PETA) doesn't vandalize my house.

  18. Hey, if you are against Foie Gras, shut the hell up and don't eat any!

  19. Anonymous said...

    Foie gras, French for "fatty liver," is made from the grotesquely enlarged livers of male ducks and geese. Enjoy the $5 diseased liver.

    This is a lie The livers are not diseased. Meat from diseased animals is already banned.

    You veganazis should quit telling people what we can't eat. It's no wonder you people get visited by the FBI. You support Peta which has ties to domestic terrorist groups. you threaten chefs at their homes and harass customers too.

    Imagine the reaction if these things were done against abortion doctors, the protesters be charged with a federal crime and the media would rip them apart

    Moreover, foie gras is NOT cruelty. Ducks and geese already gorge their livers by eating a lot when they are in the wild every autumn to store up fat. Foie Gras preparers just artificially induce it.

  20. I have read all the negitive comments on here about foie gras and all I can say is now I'm really hungry for some foie gras. I'll be visitng some of these resturants next week for some great food and to show support.

  21. All of you animal activists should focus your attention and anger towards the way everyday livestock such as cows, chickens, turkeys, etc. Everyday they live in horrendous condiitons and are brutally slaughtered by "humans" who never gave their lives any care or respect. Most foie gras farms produce artisenal products and treat their animals with humanity all the way through slaughter.

  22. all you mofo's must have nothing better to do with your time than worrying about how birds are killed to make foie gras. if you dont like it then dont come here and talk... just leave it alone please.

  23. Whatever. Foie gras is delicious. Geese are disgusting shit monsters who deserve to suffer. Fuck the ducks too.

  24. Whatever. Foie gras is delicious.

    Geese are disgusting shit-monster assholes who deserve to suffer. Fuck the ducks too. Little bastards.

  25. You should be ashamed of yourselves for organizing this event. Boycott these restaurants.

  26. I do like the occasional slab of pate, whether gnarly country pate or smoother liver pate, with a very crusty bread and good wine, but I don't think I've ever had full on foie gras. Too expensive.

    I'm all for the foie gras makers sponsoring Foie Gras Week. There is a little restaurant in Northern Liberties that we mean to try and Foie Gras Week is just kooky enough to get us through their door for a little date and a little nosh.

    Personally, I don't eat veal because of how the animals are raised, and if animal activists want to raise holy hell about the veal industry, they have my support. However, well meaning animal rights folks have mistakenly taken aim at modern foie gras production which, of all meat product production, seems some of the most humane.

    I hope the moderator of this blog steps in and does a little editing. There are better forums for the folks who just aren't into pate.

  27. all of you calling foie gras fans "idiots" and arguing the cruelty of the feeding: do some real research and compare that to the way pigs and chickens are raised/ slaughtered - don't throw out insults and criticisms that make you hypocritical.

  28. Thank you for organizing such a wonderful event. It is a shame that people with "higher social and human conscience" direct their "superior" knowledge and efforts to attack others on their personal choices. Probably is the same group of people that has never left their own homes, cities, countries and experienced the world and it's wonders and large and have no knowledge of what living in harmony really is...
    Foie Gras, like every other food, is that, food, and I appreciate the fact that I am able to give a meaning to that animal that gave his life to be able to give mine continuity. It would really be stupid that the farmers did all that so the product gets thrown into the garbage, because you decide that it is not good.
    Again, to all those involved in this, thank you. You have FINALLY made Philadelphia a gourmet city (at least for a week). A place worth recommending as an eat out city, like many of the other cities in the world I have had the pleasure to eat out at...

  29. I have done a lot of research on factory farming of all types and truly believe that it is impossible to produce foie goie in a humane way. In my opinion, foie gras joins crate-raised veal as being the worst forms of factory farming. Yes, the ducks do eat and enlarge their livers before migrating, but it is a fraction of what occurs when they are force-fed several times a day. Their livers are eventually 10-12 times their normal size and are to the point where the liver can't even function anymore. If you see footage from a foie gras factory, you can see that the ducks are constantly panting because of the pressure that is put on their lungs from their unnaturally enlarged liver. It looks absolutely pathetic. I believe that all animals deserve humane treatment, even those we use for food. I do not eat foie gras nor patronize restaurants that serve it for that reason.

  30. So I've been to two restaurants for foie and neither has given me a ballot for which to vote on. (I'll admit I neglected to ask for them as I was in fatty liver ecstasy) Is it something that I need to request? Also can I still vote for the ones that I didn't get a ballot for?

  31. Detractors and critics of foie gras should spend their energy on improving the production of beef and chicken in this country especially for fast food chains.
    You could make a much bigger impact on animal cruelty and would save humans from eating these mass produced meats devoid of taste and nutrition.
    I am glad to see the emergence of artisanal production of cheese and meats in the US!